Be More Chill, Ned Vizzini
Ned Vizzini

Be More Chill

184 printed pages
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One boy’s exploration of what it takes to be “cool”, how to get a girl and what (not) to do when you’ve got one…
What do you do if you’re not cool?If girls are just an impossible (wet) dream?Simple.Take a pill containing a supercomputer that travels to your brain and tells you how to be cool – all the time! In the voice of your choice!Then, it’s goodbye porn and geekdom, and hello hot chicks, parties and a whole new perspective on life.
Meet Jeremy – the guy with a heart, who exchanges the **** in his hand for a squip in his head.
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Sheep Meln
Sheep Melnshared an impression3 years ago
👍Worth reading

I enjoyed it quite well, I find the personality of the squip to be entertaining. I'm just glad to find this book online due to my love for the musical. Keep in mind the differences from this book and the musical is large but they are both wonderful in their own ways.

Денис Карпенко
Денис Карпенкоshared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading

Pretty nice!

Florentina Bujupai
Florentina Bujupaishared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading


xpsychoxgirlxhas quoted3 years ago
I’ll feel like…” Like I do all the time, like I feel whenever I can’t dial a phone number or dance at a dance or hold a hand right. Like I’m used to feeling. “Like shit.”
rama alrifai
rama alrifaihas quoted10 months ago
Wherever Cool is, anyway, I missed it and now Im stuck observing these machinations of sex and status and dancing and parties and people sucking at each other under bleacher seating like some kind of freak, when Im not the freak. Rich is the freak. Clearly. When I grow up, that had better be understood and I had better be compensated or Im going to shoot myself in the head.
Dominique Bessa
Dominique Bessahas quoted5 months ago
“Yes! Get to it like a good boy. And behave yourself!” Aunt Linda shakes her pole at me—I think it used to be part of an outdoor clothes-hangin
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