Kimberly S Hoffman

Love, Hope

A thought-provoking, children's book about the emotions, thoughts and attitudes of young children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hope, an empathetic, young girl, is confined more to home during the COVID-19 pandemic. After hearing her mother talk about having pen pals as a child, she decides to write letters to her friends to keep in touch. Her friends respond, telling Hope about their fears, concerns, and anger over the circumstances in which they find themselves. It's not all doom and gloom, though, as the children also relay stories of joys and accomplishments along the way. The letters, based on real children's answers to questions asked by the author, and Hope's replies, are found in the book.

Children's author Kimberly S. Hoffman asked her young readers to describe their thoughts and feelings on going through this pandemic. Their responses demonstrated that adults were not the only ones struggling through this time. Love, Hope: Children Express Their Emotions During the Coronavirus Pandemic gives parents and readers the opportunity to explore their emotions and talk through any worries that children might have.
The story is an amazing resource to allow you to have a conversation with your child on how they feel about any difficult circumstances they may face, help them understand it's okay to feel whatever it is they feel, and help them deal constructively with their emotions. And, just maybe, you will find some hope as you read, too.

57 printed pages
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