Sister Emmanuel

The Rosary

The Rosary: A rope that connects those who are in anguish with Heaven.
A rope that strangles the head of the snake.
Every Hail Mary is consolation for the distressed; terror for Satan and joy for Mary.
Every Hail Mary hastens the glorious coming of the King."
Father Daniel-Ange

This book takes us on a journey through the mysteries of the rosary where we contemplate the lives of Jesus and Mary. Everything becomes real. We take Our Lady's hand and enter the stable of Bethlehem and the Temple of Jerusalem.   We walk with her on the roads of Galilee, we suffer with her in the howling crowd before Pilate, we rejoice with Mary of Magdala adoring Jesus, who is victorious over death.

As we travel with her, we soak up the graces within each mystery, like children fascinated by what they are watching, and we are transformed by these rays of light that flow from the Gospel.

Not only does this book delve deeper than ever into the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries, but there are meditations on 10 never seen before mysteries of Compassion and Mercy! These mysteries expound and bring to life God's infinite love and mercy for each one of us.

Don't just read this book; live it!
232 printed pages
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