Estelle Maskame

Just Don't Mention It

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    b1784340806has quoted3 years ago
    dealing with the psychological damage that he inflicted is a million times harder than putting a band-aid on a cut or waiting for a bruise to heal or a fracture to mend
    Jose Alfredo Corona Ruizhas quoted2 years ago
    I don’t really know where I am. I’m just somewhere.
    daniyaranahas quoted3 years ago
    I think that’s the moment I realize I’m in love with her
    daniyaranahas quoted3 years ago
    She always makes me feel better. No matter how much I let her down, no matter how upset I make her, she is always there for me. She understands me more than anyone else ever could, and when I get myself into these dark moods, I rely on her. I don’t think even she realizes just how badly I need her sometimes
    b5594788984has quoted3 years ago
    God, I really do like this girl. “
    b5594788984has quoted3 years ago
    and if I wasn’t so desperate for a high right now, then I would most likely appreciate the effort.
    b5594788984has quoted3 years ago
    Move your cute ass out of my way before you really piss me off
    b5594788984has quoted3 years ago
    And now I finally understand. It’s because I like the damn girl
    b1212097840has quoted3 years ago
    it, because it’s the only place I can really get away from Dad for a while.
    Maritza Hidalgo Quispehas quoted3 years ago
    I kissed her back because I never knew how much I had wanted to. I kissed her back because I couldn’t get enough of it, of her. I kissed her back because I like her. She may have kissed me by mistake, but on my end, I kissed her entirely on purpose.
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