A Layman's Understanding Of The Book Of Revelation

“The BOOK”

Even since the beginning of my Christian life, I have been drawn to the Book Of Revelation. It may be scary and shows God as a vengeful God, but surely He proved that in the old Testament. The problem exists the future is to be perused, believed, and acted upon by all who acknowledge a creation God and His Sacrificial Son Jesus Christ. I found that the plagues to gain God's will, will be used in the Tribulation and have been used before, in Egypt and to bring the wayward Israelites back to the fold.
Please accept that you belong in a world where nothing is certain, life or death, so it is your choice to read and believe or suffer the plagues that have been PROMISED in REVELATION. And May God guides your decision. AMEN

Many say I found Christ, but sometimes Christ Finds You! He found me sitting in the gutter bemoaning a flat tire on the car. He sent a servant that I knew but was unaware he was a Christian. He invited me to go home shower, dress, and meet him for Church that evening. That was the start of my seventy, odd years in Christian Service. A word or two at the right time and in the right place can add years of service to the Lord Jesus Christ. What have those years enjoyed, preaching— three states, volunteer with faith organizations, founding health and pain organizations advisory to sporting and community groups, all stemming from one person's invitation. GO AND DO LIKEWISE!
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