Mayvis Payne

Lipgloss Chronicles

Lipgloss Chronicles: Confessions of a Celebrity MakeUp Artist

Have you ever wondered what happens backstage at award shows, on the set of television sitcoms, and live screenings?
Do you love hearing stories about some of your favorite celebrities?

Star-studded award shows, television networks, and personal outings with some of the industry's biggest stars.

Sounds fabulous, doesn't it? Or is it?

Mayvis Payne offers a sensational account of what life is like behind the scenes as a celebrity makeup artist to the stars.
Often asked about famous figures, how to break into the business or more importantly how did SHE get in, Mayvis shares her whirlwind account of thriving (and surviving) in the beauty industry.

It's not all glitz and glamour; the beauty business isn't always pretty! There are occasional “not-so-pretty” experiences behind the scenes — or shall we say, in the chair.

Mayvis has more than fifteen years of experience working with industry stars, and it all comes together in her novel, Lipgloss Chronicles: Confessions of a Celebrity MakeUp Artist. In it, she hopes to inspire others with her exciting memoir of being successful in the business of beauty.
From the country roads of Mississippi to the city lights of New York, this book will take you on a journey.

As a bonus, Mayvis includes artist tips in each chapter to encourage aspiring makeup artists seeking advice.
115 printed pages
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