Kathlyn Heim

The Rule of Nines

For those who have not given up, despite setbacks and failures, The Rule of Nines reveals a simple approach for success through necessary behavioral changes for personal goal achievement.Some people struggle every single day to improve but seem to take three steps back for every two steps forward. People tell them it’s because they lack willpower or because they’re weak or don’t want something badly enough. But they know that’s not true. Health and Wellness coach Kathlyn Heim helps those who are constantly struggling to create lasting change in their lives finally make their changes stick. The Rule of Nines lays out an individualized 9-step approach to goal identification, achievement, and permanent success that helps readers understand why they’ve failed in the past and shows them how to effectively change their actions moving forward. Although there are plenty of goal achievement guides, Kathlyn works in the missing piece of deep self-reflection that’s necessary for lasting change. Rather than being based on an external reward system, The Rule of Nines focuses on an internal reward system through self-discovery, making it possible for readers to live the life they desire and proving that it really is never too late to change.
72 printed pages
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