Danielle May

Every Boss Has A Soft Spot

What does it mean when two people meet under unusual circumstance three times in a row? Is it considered coincidence, fate, or destiny?
Sasha is a twenty-three-year-old aspiring painter, waiting for someone to give her a chance to show her talents, but can’t seem to catch a break. She works at a call center that she hates and has to deal with her boyfriend’s cheating ways. Finally catching him in the act, she breaks the relationship off, giving her full attention to getting her struggling career off the ground instead of a man. A chance encounter with a sexy yet bad-tempered stranger known as Ron turns her world upside down. She tries to avoid him at all costs, knowing that he is bad news. A series of events land her right into a whirlwind romance that she doesn’t see coming. But she soon starts to suspect the romance between them just might be one-sided.
Ron was born into a life of crime, with his father being one of the most well-known kingpins throughout the state before passing the street business over to him. He has everything at his disposal from money to cars to woman who would do anything for his attention. But catching feelings is not on his agenda. His main focus is to make as much money as he can to get out the game and remain off the radar of police. After agreeing to do a favor for his best friend, he soon figures out the life he has been living is missing something he thought he could live without. As much as he tries to fight the strong connection between Sasha and him, he gets pulled in. The problem is his lack of feelings and a delusional jump-off that will stop at nothing to have him to herself.
Can two people from different walks of life find love amongst each other, or will a visit from the past and the present stop them before they get a chance to experience it?
143 printed pages
Original publication



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