Ester Witch

TAROT: The Beginner's Guide to Tarot Reading. More than Astrology

Tarot cards link us to the stars and to our destiny through interpretive readings of them.
For centuries, Tarot cards have been consulted for seeking answers from the unseen realms. The Tarot has been credited with illuminating solutions to major dilemmas.
The Tarot experience can indeed be empowering, bringing clarity to confusing situations.
Would you like to learn how to read and interpret tarot simply and effectively?
Even if you're a novice just learning how to read Tarot cards or an experienced reader looking to enhance your understanding of the process, this book will teach you, enlighten you, guide you and surprise you, showing us that we have the ability to shape our future based on the choices we make in the present.

215 printed pages
Original publication



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