Tying & Teasing the Man Next Door, Gimmy Dicks
Gimmy Dicks

Tying & Teasing the Man Next Door

An older woman catches the young man that lives next door to her in the act of buying a bondage magazine. She is turned on by the thought of playing with him and seduces the young man into letting her tie him up and use him as her sexy love slave.

Excerpt: Mathew flushed a little again as he saw Janice looking at the bondage magazine lying on the bed. She looked at him.
“Dirty boy,” she grinned. “Have you been playing with yourself?” Mathew just nodded and Janice reached out her hand to rest it against the front of his pants. Her excitement leapt as she felt how hard he already was. “Show me the picture you like,” she said.
14 printed pages
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