Jessica Uruakpa

Songs From an African Jukebox

A raw, unfiltered and unapologetic look into how the African woman's memoir would read.

Songs From an African Jukebox is the debut first novel from the series Vexations, Hesitations and Realisations by Jessica Uruakpa. Inspired from her own journey of moving across three continents before the age of 12.The journey of a young African girl into womanhood in a foreign land. Stories and poems inspired by memories and experiences observed within the African home. Popular movies are re-imagined and interwoven to tell her story.
The often painful and traumatic experience of racism, growing pains and displacement from home. Stories all too familiar in the African home are brought to life in vivid and captivating poetry and short stories. In between the bittersweet truths; lies humour, hopes of a realisation of her inner power, -a rebirth is hers to claim.

59 printed pages
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