J Stephen Sadler

Chuckie Carrot Storybook 3

Chuckie Carrot Why I Grow Low! Book 3 Happy Veggies Healthy Eating Series
Every J Stephen's Garden Story Book is a wonderful read that not only provides a story with an uplifting moral but also encourages your children to try and make and most importantly enjoy eating a wonderful children's friendly dish.
Because he grows down into the ground unlike all his other veggie friends, which grow up to the sky, Chuckie Carrot can't see the rest of the world like his veggie friends. Chuckie is sad that he is so different from the other veggies. It's not until he meets a little girl and her mother at the farmers market that he finds out his special power is not to see well but to help little boys and girls see well.

22 printed pages
Original publication



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