Wolf Whistle Politics, Edited by Diane Wachtell, Introduction by Naomi Wolf
Edited by Diane Wachtell,Introduction by Naomi Wolf

Wolf Whistle Politics

214 printed pages
Early out the gate: Publishing in May 2017, this will be among the early post-election books to hit the market.
Big name contributors: A who’s who of contemporary femists, including Jill Lepore, Katha Pollitt, Liza Featherstone, Kirsten West-Savali, Rebecca Solnit, Emily Nussbaum, Gail Collins, Rebeccas Traister, etc.
Big name introduction: Best-selling author Naomi Wolf (End of America spent 10 months on the Times bestseller list; Give Me Liberty spent four months on the list) will publicize the book. Her introduction will be serialized in a major women’s magazine (eg Marie Claire, Elle, Glamor, Harper’s Bazaar, all of which have published her in the past) and she will help promote. Wolf has 142,000 likes on Facebook and a post reach of between 250,000 and 1.5 million people.
Timing: will publish in May, before the onslaught of fall books.
Part of our “Fearless Book for Perilous Times” special catalog: We expect special attention for our post- election catalogue, which will be featured in news stories in conjunction with The New Press’s 25th anniversary this year.
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