Get Your Eyes Open: My Photonic Adventures, Anton J Kryka
Anton J Kryka

Get Your Eyes Open: My Photonic Adventures

This story is told by a young girl named Annie. It is the tale of her second adventure to a world with many talking animals. It begins at her grandparent's home.
Annie's grandmother takes on the job as Annie's number one teacher. Grandfather doesn't mind taking the number two spot. Annie's classes include many branches of mathematics and science. There are even a few lessons in music and cooking.
Captain Bart Bear, the captain of a sailing ship, stops by for a visit. He returns Grandfather's paddleboat. Annie lost the boat on her first adventure. Captain Bart talks about his shipping business. His crew of flying squirrels collects walnuts. He also delivers a secret message to Grandmother.
That night, Grandmother leaves on an interplanetary railroad train. Annie and Ike, a toad and her guardian angel, sneak aboard the train. They fly into a boxcar and ride into this adventure.
On the first night, their boxcar is separated from the train. This leaves them on their own to make their way to find Grandmother. They make many new friends and meet many old friends. Annie's main traveling companions are Glenda Goat, Becky Bear, and four spear-throwing teenage monkeys.
Annie's travel adventures continue for three days as she searches for her grandmother. She does a little cooking along the way and battles against an invisible black wolf. She also discovers that laughter and sunlight are the best weapons to defeat evil.
228 printed pages
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