Robert Lehr

Consequences to Sin

Matt wakes up in the Chihuahaun Desert, beaten and apparently left to die. Although he has a bad knock on his head and a broken rib, he survives the night in the desert-but only just. An old prospector finds Matt and calls for help. A helicopter responds to the call. It lands, places Matt on a gurney and flies him to Las Cruces Medical Center. The police question him, but Matt is too addled to identify suspects at that time. Matt recalls nothing except his name and has no idea who might want him dead. Matt proposes to produce a narrative of his life in the present and past, hoping to scour out suspects. The police always consider the spouse as a suspect first. But, Matt and his wife are so madly in love that Matt does not accuse her in his narrative. A poignant memory is the vehicular accident in which Matt and several of his teammates are involved in front of a women's dormitory. Matt worries that his brain has been injured when he hears God advise him that his lifetime partner is in the crowd of spectators and to go find her. Kathy, in her third-floor dorm room receives the same message. She puts on her robe and hurries downstairs. Matt and Kathy quickly find one another. They stare at each other for a few moments and then they rush to hold one another.
494 printed pages
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