Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol

Christianity Made God and Jesus Servants of Man, Rather Than Masters of Man

God is our Lord and Master and we are but his servants.  Our duty is to serve him, not he to serve us.

Whenever we face God in our prayers, may it be for reason there's something good we have done lately that we wanted to report to him, more than we have some new problems again for him to solve or new wishes again for him to grant.

If we were to treat God like our ever faithful and loving Servant who is always there at our beck and call, then on Judgment Day, instead of him judging us on things we have done for him, it is we who would be judging him on things we have asked from him but which he did not do or grant.

God is all powerful: There is nothing we will ask from him he cannot give or do.

God is all loving and merciful: There is nothing we need in life he will not have the heart to give or do.

But God is also ever fair and just: There are things we would be asking from him that he will not oblige us, lest by doing so he will be spoiling us.

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