Cloudburst: 2nd Edition, Joshua Seidl, SSP
Joshua Seidl,SSP

Cloudburst: 2nd Edition

Three cultures come together in the pristine Northern Great Lakes Region, Native American, Euro-American and Metis (mixed race). This companion to my first novel, “Hawk Dancer,” covers the American Indian Termination and Relocation Era of 1948–1971 and leads to the passage of the American Indian Freedom of Religion act of August 11, 1978. The story concludes in 2010. Cloudburst's focus drifts more towards the Baby Boomer characters, where as Hawk Dancer revealed more of the post World War 1 and WW2 generation. Elders, Jacob and Job with the guidance of their Elders established the first ever Native American Franciscan Friary. They mentor the Baby Boomers, Randy, Erik, Dean, Trudy, Cecilia and others. These, in turn, become the parents, Elders and leaders of today. The story protrays a possitve outlook of cultural diversity and cooperation without bypassing the real social obstacles history has left us.
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