Ken McCarver

The Sabbath A Journey of Discovery

The Sabbath, the first in the Journey of Discovery series, will guide you through the scriptures with a perspective that you have not likely seen before. Taking a closer look at some doctrinal issues that have been long accepted as truths throughout mainstream Christianity.
The question is; do they really line up with scripture? Find out what the infallible word of God truly says in areas such as; The “Seventy Weeks” of Daniel the Prophet, and Passion Week. Looking at the topics of:
The explanation of a 490 year probationary period to accomplish repentance.
• The precise time Christ began His ministry.
• The year of Christ’s birth.
• The day of Christ’s crucifixion.
• The year of Christ’s crucifixion.
• The confirming of the New Covenant.
• The times of the Gentiles.
• Deception in the Church and Sabbath Perception.
• Obedience to God’s Law and the understanding of God’s rest.
• The Lord’s Day and an examination of the history of Sunday Worship
As we travel through these inspiring topics we find ourselves in question. Could our lack of personal study and our dependence on our shepherds for guidance have allowed an open door for deception? Can we make the discovery for ourselves that answer, why we believe what we believe? … With an original answer?
To challenge our beliefs when the truth as we understand it, has been proven wrong by the Bible can cut to the core of our foundations, disrupting what we have always accepted as truth and effect what we perceive as our spiritual comfort. You are invited to join in on this exploration of truth, to go deeper and to go farther than you may have before, below the surface of man to the underlying truth of God. “To embark on a Journey of Discovery”
182 printed pages
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