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Marilyn Fae

Passionate Alphas

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When Alpha Werewolf Erik goes on vacation, the last thing he expects to do is fall hard for the most unobtainable young woman in town.

It begins like this.

It is a sunny morning when Erik Hunter sees a young woman, an eighteen-year-old with ears like that of a cat's and a long tail hidden beneath her white skirt. She's innocent in the way only the sheltered are, unknowing of how dangerous it is to be outside on her own. She must have a mate somewhere, or a guardian to keep her safe. Otherwise, she would have been ravaged already.

He intends to do exactly that. But when he realizes that she is spoken for by the local Alpha Lion Shifter, he decides to come up with a different plan. After all, he's not opposed to sharing.

Passionate Alphas is a steamy short story with two Alpha Males and an innocent young female who is taught to submit in private and in private, with ropes and punishment and everything in between.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

To think. He had thought her innocent.

The man standing by her side exudes power and danger like no man he has encountered before, the signs of a true Alpha. He has never met one like himself before. It is lucky that the wind is blowing in his favor, keeping his scent hidden from the Cat Shifter. Lion, his Wolf supplies readily, bristling, ready to attack. His blood sings for a battle, adrenaline pumping through his veins at the thought of taking this Alpha on in order to win the favor of the pretty little mate tied to the tree. He could take him in a fight, pin him down and slit his throat so he can claim her.

It is her voice that stops him from venturing forward.

“Daddy…” her voice is small and hurt.

He freezes in his tracks, his breath stopping entirely at the way she sounds. She is frightened, yes. But that's only the surface of what she's feeling. She is aroused as well. Her cheeks are flushed, stained by the tracks of tears that continue to trickle down from her eyes, pupils blown so wide that he can see if from as far as he is. Her lips are parted, bitten red. It is perverse, what they're doing. Her own father, he thinks with a note of jealousy that he pushes down. But she's not really her daughter, is she? Now that he sees the two together, he understands why everyone had seen the truth so clearly. He is so much bigger than her, so much stronger. He does not wear his animal on his skin as obviously as her, but any Shifter worth a damn can tell that he is not someone to be trifled with. While the man is all hard edges and pure muscle, the young shifter girl is as domestic as they come. They don't even smell related.

He is wearing a black top and a pair of dark grey slacks that looks tailor-made and expensive as fuck whereas she is naked as the day she is born. The juxtaposition is absolutely lovely.

“Daddy, please,” she whimpers.

It is twisted to hear her call her that. Perhaps it is some sort of kink that they're into. He has heard of such things before and though it has never interested him, he finds himself fantasizing how good it would feel if she was to look at him with those large, tear-filled eyes and call him that. He can't deny it brings a pleasant thrill down his spine.

Erik can't see the man's expression from where he's standing, but he thinks it would be like his own, hungry. “Please, what, darling?”

The man's voice is deep, a low purr that makes the hair on his arms stand on edge. His wolf wants him to decide whether to fight or run away, not stand here and do nothing.
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