Anna Austin

Disciplining Her Forever

“Before, we were merely dabbling on the edges of pleasure and pain. We were amateurs, dilettantes. But tonight, we will truly embrace the darkness within us."
Annie is an orphan, but she has finally escaped the hated orphanage. Instead, she has been taken into the service of the commanding Dr Thorn, her former headmaster, and now lover. But Annie knows that he has taken her into his home on one condition — that they continue their experiments into the nature of pleasure and pain.

Locked into an infernal machine of the Doctor's own devising, gagged and blindfolded, Annie must decide whether her desire is the match for his depravity, or whether this time, his sadism has gone too far…


“Consider this your true initiation, child.” Thorn bent over her, whispering in her ear. He seemed to sense that she wanted some sort of explanation. “Before, we were merely dabbling on the edges of pleasure and pain. We were amateurs, dilettantes. But tonight, we will truly embrace the darkness within us. Are you willing Annie? Are you ready to be pushed to the brink?”

Annie blinked back her tears, and managed to whisper, “Yes.”

Thorn moved round and knelt in front of her, his green eyes looking deep into her own.

“Good. But we cannot have you making so much noise. It sounds like murder is being committed.” He reached across to the table and picked up the strange leather ball. “Open your mouth child. As wide as you can.”

Annie suddenly realised that the object that Thorn held was a gag. She did as he instructed, and he gently pushed the ball into her mouth. She bit down on the soft leather, and Thorn pulled the straps around her head, tightening and then buckling them up. Annie could not now have spat out the gag, even if she had tried.

“Can you breathe?” Thorn asked her. She nodded, no longer able to speak.

“Good. Then let us proceed.” He walked back around behind her, and Annie heard him pick up the birch.


This time, Thorn put everything into the blow. As the birch struck her bare bottom, it felt like a fiery whip were tormenting her poor flesh. Annie screamed, but the gag muffled the sound so that all that emerged was a breathy grunt. She realised that she was now entirely at his mercy, unable to move, unable to cry out. He could do whatever he wished to her, and there would be no escape.

'Swish! Swish! Swish!'

This time, three blows fell in swift succession, bringing pain that was almost beyond belief. Annie felt her vision blur, and for a moment she almost blacked out. She was not sure how much of this agony she could take, but she had no way of telling Thorn to stop.

And yet…within the pain, there was still a kernel of pleasure. True, it was almost obscured by the intensity of the hurt that Dr Thorn was inflicting on her, but it was there. All she needed to do was concentrate, to embrace it, and she would make it through.


The blow struck, but this time Annie did not cry out. She opened her mind to the pain, letting it wash over her. Somehow, it seemed more bearable this way. The pain was part of her, but a welcome part — and it was tinged with pleasure.


Annie cried out, but this time it was an expression of pleasure as much a cry of distress. The pain was still intense, perhaps more intense than any sensation she had ever felt before, but she had almost mastered it, turning it into something to be enjoyed. She was aware that the slight wetness between her legs had become a flood, her juices flowing in response to the delicious agony she was being made to endure.
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