Z.A. Mayes Mayes

The Story of Rinette

My life at the princess's court had become deadly dull. All the time I was in training, I had kept myself going by imagining the wonderful rescues I would perform, the great deeds I would do, winning admiration and renown. In real life, at the castle, nothing like that ever happened. When the novelty of being there wore off, what was left? An endless round of rising, eating, sitting around on duty in the throne room, eating, following the princess about from here to there, eating, and for variety, sleeping. And so on and so on, day after day.
I wished so much for a more exciting life, to go my own way and have adventures, as many as I pleased. I would show Gualthier how skilled I really was, and stop him from laughing at me!
But adventure came on its own, unbidden and unexpected. Skilled or unskilled, I would have to meet whatever life placed in my way.
373 printed pages
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