Sharon B.Harbin

My Grandfather's Big Farm

MY GRANDFATHER'S BIG FARM is a beautifully illustrated picture book that shares some important lessons about family and real estate in a fun and entertaining way. Will White, the author's grandfather, is an African American who purchased a 100-acre farm many years ago. The book depicts his spirit as an Entrepreneur and how he works hard to operate a farm business with the help of his family. It also tells how he left an inheritance for his children's children, which is a truly significant act in today's society.

The author, Sharon Harbin sees her book as an opportunity to inspire children and others who are interested in excelling in real estate and in life. Sharon has been in the real estate industry for many years. She has done a lot of writing on such topics as how to create and sustain property value, the real estate downturn, and more. Writing a children's book gives her the chance to instruct children early on about real estate. It is also an avenue to inspire others through art and literature.

The picture book is illustrated by folk artist Geraldine Smith, who resides in South Carolina. Sharon was inspired to write the book because Smith's paintings vividly illustrated stories that her mother told her about living on the farm. Her frequent trips to the farm to visit her grandparents was an influence as well.
17 printed pages
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