A Year of Grace, Volume 1, Bo Giertz
Bo Giertz

A Year of Grace, Volume 1

These sermons are taken from various stages in Bo Giertz pastoral career, from his time as a parish pastor, his time as a bishop, and his time in retirement. He adapted the homiletical style of Henric Schartau (whose homiletical style informs the novel “The Hammer of God”). Schartau would preach in a manner that expounded on the text before applying it to people who might find themselves in three different spiritual conditions, sometimes this is referred to as an Ordo Salutis. These three would be that of an unbeliever, a newly awakened Christian or young believer, and that of a mature believer. This has met with some controversy over the years as it was often identified with pietism, however Bo Giertz is aware of the pitfalls of this approach and turns the method in a matter that emphasizes the strengths. When it comes to the order of grace, Bo Giertz would say that it is not the order that matters but the grace.
290 printed pages
Original publication
Bror Erickson


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