Adassa Lavinia K. Dasani

The Spy Within

«Don't you dare walk away from me in this manner ever again! Do you get me, Miss Smith!?»
Calm Collected and Controlled, Federick Ashton Archer; an unstoppable billionaire tycoon, the face of New York City tabloid, Owner and CEO of Archer & Associate is met with his match in the least expected place.
Fiery Sassy and Wild, Phoebe Ziva Smith, is bold, unbeatable, full of dark secrets, imperceptible and knows better than to fall for this particular annoyingly astonishing man in suits. Making Federick's life difficult as his personal Executive PA  when she is not having fun being the world's most dangerous and feared spy is one of Phoebe's favourite past-time.
However, when the past catches up to Phoebe and mixes up with her present in the most unimaginable way, Phoebe has to work harder on maintaining the secrecy of her spy life. On keeping her family safe and out of the hands of her lifelong nemesis.
'The Spy Within', Book 1 of 'Tame Series' introduces us to Angel as Phoebe Ziva Smith.
Enjoy and get lost in 'The Spy Within'; a funny yet drama-filled novel, where two worlds collide. — A world of spies and business billionaires.
295 printed pages
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