People Like Them: Birch Clump Village Reader 6, Joshua Seidl SSP
Joshua Seidl SSP

People Like Them: Birch Clump Village Reader 6

Collection of short stories and art. This is a continuing series about mostly baby boomers in their teens and young adult years. Issues on bullying is covered; how it was then, and how we see things today. Amos comes home from Vietnam with a Purple Heart. Dean marries Amos' former girlfriend. Billy bullies Taya for two year straight before things come to a head at a Church picnic. Stories deal with Native Americans, Euro-Americans and Metis (mixed race) relations in modern times. Taya is mixed race, son of an unmarried white mother. Bubba is a whimsical young man from a very troubled family background. He served time in juvenile detention, but rises above adversity with Sarge's help. Most of the author's works promote Indigenous cultural rights and lends to improved inter cultural relationships. Moving, romantic at times, traumatic, tearful and humorous. Dean falls in the river while proposing marriage. Plenty of descriptive illustrations by the author.
156 printed pages
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