MH RH Bathija Chela Ram

Female Reproductive System & Herbal Healing Vs. Prescription Drugs and Their Side Effects

This book:
• Contains a directory of key plants used in the female reproductive system
ailments which contains information on preparation, current usage and
properties of the herb.
• Categorizes the book in three sections, teenage/puberty stage,
pregnancy & childbirth/childbearing age & the menopausal women
highlights the female health-related concerns based on alternative
medicinal approach.
• Includes medicinal recipes and a guide to using herbs in
aromatherapy, relaxation, and depression.
• Explores herbal healing around the world with a special section on
the healing which is cured thru Ayurvedic treatments in the East.
• Presents with the case studies with superb and excellent results.
201 printed pages
Original publication



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