Alchemy Discovered, Carmenica Diaz
Carmenica Diaz

Alchemy Discovered

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“Alchemy Discovered” is initially set in the year 2000 and then unfolds in the Alchemy world of England, 1915 – 16. King Rudolph, a Tudor, is still on the English throne, the American War of Independence did not occur and neither did Bismarck's Prussia. In this parallel world, alchemy – the power to transmute metals and flesh – is a skill used by the alchemists who once occupied privileged positions in the royal courts. Alchemy is a science that was practically restricted to the ruling class but, since the transformation of Lord Hawthorne to Lady Hawthorne and the establishment of the Prince Albert Hospital for Common Folk, Alchemy is now widely used for good. Even more now that Princess Abigail, Prince Albert and the new Lady Eliza work toward assisting the lower classes. Into this startling world, two young explorers from Earth 2000 arrive and strange things happen as only they can in the Alchemy Universe!
330 printed pages
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