The Revenge Game: A Tale of Domination and Seduction Part 3, C.Kross

The Revenge Game: A Tale of Domination and Seduction Part 3

Well, I’m not a saint. I do watch porn on the internet and I do check out women whenever I go somewhere. I appreciate the beauty of a woman. Even though there was nothing in particular wrong with my marriage, male hormones often dictate to us men what path we should go. That night, the night I met Julie, I had a few drinks, she was drop dead gorgeous, she flirted with me and the opportunity arose. I let my male hormones get the best of me.. or worse… depending on how you look at.

So some say it starts in the home, in the bed, and in the heart. Well, let's make something crystal clear, okay? A man needs sex, period. Women need sex too, naturally, but men are more wired to want and in fact need it. It is not an “extra” to relationships, it is a burning, aching necessity. To men, being denied sex is being disrespected in the deepest sense, in fact, the only thing worse would be catching our own wife or girlfriend in our own bed with another man. So, let’s just get that straight now.
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