Cuong Lu


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Pause, find connection, and choose peace rather than harm when you feel overwhelmed in the crashing ocean of life.
You are the calm of the ocean, not the pounding wave. The tumultuous, confusing, and unbearable feelings that arise in life will never overtake your true essence and the peace you can find below the surface.
Written as a love letter to those in pain, Wait encourages us to seek out a path to peace and freedom from suffering. Cuong Lu, a long-time disciple of Thich Nhat Hanh, personally witnessed a shooting while fleeing Vietnam in 1975. The memory of this trauma prompted him to dedicate his life to sharing the wisdom of deep listening, finding understanding, and in his words, “defusing the bombs in our hearts.” We have waited long enough for the violence to stop. Now is the time to help turn the tide, interrupt the cycle of violence, and create a world where love and understanding thrive.
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    Ali Abidhas quotedlast year
    We can love each other and help each other. We don’t need to destroy. We need to rebuild. It’s never too late. The moment the violence stops, peace is possible.
    Ali Abidhas quotedlast year
    The way to win a war is to stop it from within. If you don’t, everyone suffers.
    Ali Abidhas quotedlast year
    You’ll see that we need each other, we are each other.
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