Seth Voorhees


In Seth Voorhees' post-apocalyptic science fiction novel, Immune: Rise of the Inflicted, readers will be taken on an amazing ride in this dystopian thriller and see a new world develop after a deadly disease infects the population right before their eyes.

“Seth Voorhees navigates the intricate, contradictory world of human morality just as easily as he takes on the pandemic narrative. With a wide cast of characters from all walks of life and all sides of the story, this is a book for all lovers of science fiction and thriller.”
—A.L. Mundt, author of the Messengers trilogy

Helen Olsen, with the help of Mother Nature, guides the path of reconstruction after an apocalypse takes hold of the world’s population.
After a deadly virus infects the global population, it throws all of the world’s inhabitants into two classes: the inflicted and the immune. Wyatt Tuck, a member of the immune, finds himself inside a nightmarish onslaught of deadly feuds and riots. Losing his home and family brings him into the paths of other immune—his niece Layla, Easton, and coworker Mitch Burkly—and the opposing inflicted, such as Helen Olsen.
When Helen and Tamera meet the Tucks and Mitch at Camp Belt, they will make a shocking discovery. At Camp Belt, an internment camp for the immune, Helen is promoted to Commander. She makes a shocking discovery about the two warring social classes and must rise to action. Will she choose to battle the rising forces created from the charred ash of the world’s dead society? Or does she dare hope to unite a darkened world so it can rise again into the light?
360 printed pages
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