Bo Dunne

Mom's Little Secret

Connor, a college student, is excited to be invited to a sorority party by Nicole, a girl he barely knew in high school. When Nicole takes Connor out to the back porch, she seems to be ready for hot action. While he’s hoping for a blowjob, suddenly the porch lights come on and all the sorority sisters come onto the porch, laughing and taking photos and video of his undersized manhood. Connor drives home, humiliated, where he turns on his monitor and watches through a hidden camera as a well-endowed stranger takes his mother. After the stranger leaves, Connor goes out to the kitchen naked. Mattie is the only woman who ever cared about him. He needs her reassurance now more than ever before—but what will his size-queen mom do?

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

The hiss of his mom’s shower came next. She entered the range of his bathroom camera and he appreciated again her curvy shape and sexy moves. She took her time, as usual in the evening, whereas before work she always hurried. He heard her pad barefoot back to her bedroom and into camera range again. She hadn’t bothered with a robe for the short walk from the bathroom to her room. Droplets of water clung to her smooth skin and ran slowly from the side of her face and trickled down her legs.

Conner watched his mother’s body in awe, impressed not only by her beauty, but also her youthful appearance for her age. He only regretted that because she was a size queen, he could never really satisfy any woman like her.
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