Astrid Cane

The Victorians may have attempted to show the world they were upright, strict and full of virtue but much of this thinking has been subverted by their erotic and pornographic writing. This erotic Victorian novel has no author attributed to it but tells the story of Astrid, an aristocratic young woman who unknowingly is sent by her parents to visit Lady Tingle, a renowned and expert flagellator and sexual groomer. Against her will she is forced to stay in Lady TIngle's house where she is subjected to a range of sexual initiations by the Lady and her staff. Inevitably, as is the case in so much of Victorian erotica, Astrid obtains ecstatic pleasure from Lady TIngle's strict discipline as well as her tongue, caresses, being caned, buggered and raped and soon seeks out such sexual pleasure for herself. There are other young men and women who are also initiated by Lady Tingle and soon Astrid has learned many sexual lessons very thoroughly…… Explicit and extraordinary in its detail of sexual conduct, making it an erotic ‘not to be missed’ read.
251 printed pages



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