RA Anderson

Girl Sailing Aboard the Western Star

Twelve-year-old Annie loves her friends, her animals, and the horse ranch she has lived on her whole life. Ripped from it all at what feels like a moment’s notice, she is placed on a 53-foot sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean with her mom, dad, a captain, a tutor, and her older brother who seems to hate her. Living in such small quarters with her brother DJ is nightmarish all on its own, but her heart was left on the ranch with her animals and she has no one to talk to.
Feeling alone and heartbroken, Annie starts journaling while they sail The Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the Virgin Islands. Over the course of nine months aboard the Western Star, she learns how to trim the sheet, raise the main sail, scuba dive, share a small cabin with her brother, and even makes new friends despite her painful shyness.
Will experiencing amazing new adventures and discovering a whole new world above and below the deep blue sea help Annie be ready for whatever her future as a teenager brings?
209 printed pages
Original publication



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