G.Z. Chapman,Kelli Ann Brommel,Madeleine Kleppinger

Writers of the Aether

An elemental prankster takes on a new challenge… Wind chimes signal both hope and dread… A creature learns how unforgiving culture can be…

This collection from The Writers' Rooms showcases the imaginative heights our writers can reach when addressing the theme of Air. In story, poetry, memoir, and essay, Writers of the Aether presents a multifaceted universe where breathing cannot be taken for granted… Where stepping into the open air means leaving behind all she has known… Where the tiniest breeze may herald a world gone mad.

By turns serious and playful, ironic and hopeful, dissonant and lyrical, Writers of the Aether resonates with the creativity that resides in our community of writers. With their contributions to this collection, they give expression to the meaning and experience of realizing Air is the currency of life.
54 printed pages
Original publication



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