Jordania Goldberg


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KSTechnique (KST) is a comprehensive healing modality. The letters “KST” stand for Kabbalah Somatic Technique. Based on the ancient practice of Kabbalah, KST teaches how each part of our body and mind has its own wisdom to share with us by offering a reflected portion of our greater innate wisdom—a microcosm of the macrocosm.
Rooted in the Tree of Life (ToL) and traditional Kabbalah, this profound technique bridges other modalities, including Ayurveda, Polarity, Reiki and Cranial Sacral, as well as scientific concepts such as Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Biology, Chaos Theory and Relativity. KST is a place where Kabbalah, other healing modalities, and modern science all meet. The words and approaches of each may differ on the surface. By decoding their respective terminologies and demonstrating the ultimate connection between these worlds, we find the similarities. KST becomes a key to understanding and utilizing multiple approaches to facilitating greater awareness for ourselves and others, a Rosetta Stone of healing, if you will.
Our research into modern forms of science is beginning to prompt us to rethink the orientation of the healing arts. The science of physics is defined as “the study of matter and energy and the interaction between them.” The deeper our scientific understanding of these interactions the more we find a resemblance to the ancient healing arts.
KST can be described as a science of health rather than of disease, an approach that works with the whole person rather than the symptom. It can be deeply complex and rich in its teaching, or it can be as simple as learning to hold space with positive intention or kavana. Practioners utilize KST as an energy medicine: a science that understands the body as an energetic aspect of the whole. Working with the healing power of the universal healing energy called ohrim, KST is the healing science that bridges past and future in the omnipresent now.
One of the reasons holistic healing differs from western technology, chemistry and other mechanical and medical research is that those involved with the latter fields of study often lost sight of the bigger picture of humanity as they explored the workings of our physical world and its inhabitants. In the past, scientists tended to see human beings and their surroundings merely as items to be viewed from the other end of a microscope. However, as those details have given way to a bigger picture within fields such as quantum mechanics, quantum biology, chaos and string theory (minus calculation issues), we are now poised to unite both the scientific and spiritual visions of the world into a more holistic vision of ourselves. We are not looking for a new science, rather we are looking to view ourselves and the universe through new eyes.
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