Walid O.Khalil

I Loved a Jew

In his latest novel «I Love a Jew», the Saudi Arabian bestseller author Walid O. Khalil courageously, reaches beyond borders of contradicting cultures and religious beliefs: Jew or Moslem, this is a marvelous and stunning love story, drawn in an authentic colorature of our times, with a magnetic pace… (Executive Editor, Elementá Publishing)
«I still wonder how I can be finished writing this novel, which granted me a different taste of pure love, free from racism. Since its inception, this novel has been tiresome for me, unlike my previous novels, as I was, and still am, worried about the community's not accepting the idea of this novel or its aim. I made my decision to go on writing it, and I planted inside it a nice love story that is current, though it happened in the past, because things like it are still happening and being repeated at present. This lover spent a whole life searching for a sincere feeling and a heart that would unite him with love, without abandonment or deprivation, and then he put his words on paper, scented with jasmine in order to protect the work from grief. His Jewish heroine came out in front of him, unexpectedly, and he loved her regardless of her nationality. In the final pages of the novel, I found myself confused by two things: did I make its end matter only to me, or did I let it have the ending desired by readers? But what would the reader gain if the author wrote an end that satisfied everyone? How pleased am I to be in your accompany!» — Walid O. Khalil
154 printed pages
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