Helen Zee

Consciously Conceive Your Baby

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Consciously Conceive Your Baby: Inner Secrets to Boost Your Fertility and Getting Pregnant
Do you wish to birth your baby and relish a deep love and intimate connection reserved for sacred conception?
Whether you are trying to conceive for the first time or you simply wish to explore the sacredness and mystery of conception, pregnancy, and relationships on a deeper level, Consciously Conceive Your Baby offers a unique opportunity to awaken your natural intuition and regain trust in your body's natural ability to conceive.
This groundbreaking book will empower you to get back in touch with your sensuality and nourish your relationship, strengthening your bond as future parents as you create your baby from the inside out. Once you know, you cannot un-know.
As you awaken the sacred process of conscious conception, you will discover ways to fine-tune your body, reconnect with nature, and make behavioral changes that will open your life up to conception. Featuring client anecdotes, expert insight, and illustrated guided practices, the secrets shared within these pages come from around the world to boost your fertility and transform your life.
The keys to birthing new life await you!
“This book opens up a beautiful doorway to conscious conception where there were only walls before. Highly recommended as a powerful tool for self-transformation and ultimately to transform the world around you.” — Katrina Zaslavsky, founder of Birth Goddess and author of A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth www.birthgoddess.com.au
Consciously Conceive Your Baby is a much needed multi-focal and holistic lens into the less discussed aspects of conception—from our personal embodiment and relationship with our sexuality and shifting our emotional patterns in preparation for parenthood, to how our relationship with our planet is intrinsic to inviting new life in through us. A must-read for any couples planning a family, regardless of their fertility status.” — Nisha Gill, Peri-natal & Well-being Practitioner, Feminine Instincts, Melbourne Well-being & Birth Services
“As a woman, lover, mother, and guide, Helen Zee shares real practical wisdom that is not only for conceiving, but also how to manage intimate life once children have arrived. This book is such a relatable guide for both women and men to enjoy and inform themselves of the journey ahead.” Dévashi Shakti of Sacred Feminine Medicine & founder of Tigress Yoga www.devashishakti.com
“It’s not often that an expert comes along who can seamlessly merge what we consider modern day science with old world knowledge, the physical with the spiritual, the western world with the sacred. Helen Zee’s book does this in a beautiful, understandable and intuitive manner. I have witnessed how couples trying to conceive can lose each other in the process. Helen discusses simple and powerful ways to enhance love and encourage a successful extension of the family. It is an incredible, holistic journey that begins years before and following a child.”— Dr. Rebecca Harwin, chiropractor and bestselling author of Conquer Your PCOS Naturally www.DrRebeccaHarwin.com
«The synergy of understanding how our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical being relates to the bigger picture has never been more needed than this time in humanity’s evolution.» — Simone Surgeoner, Founder of Birth In Nature, Doula, Mother of Four www.birthinnature.com
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