Joe Navarro,Toni Sciarra Poynter

Louder Than Words

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    redyadhy20has quoted6 years ago
    if they want to be effective, try being more humble. Arrogance can ruin a business reputation.
    redyadhy20has quoted6 years ago
    If a client says he’s “scared about the economy,” let him know you understand he’s “scared” don’t reply, “I can see you are concerned.” He isn’t “concerned,” he’s “scared”! When you use others’ words (that is, other-centered rather than self-centered) you are saying that you empathize fully.
    redyadhy20has quoted6 years ago
    In order to be maximally effective, you must use the other person’s language; in doing so, you mirror what is in their minds and what is linguistically—even psychologically—comforting. You are at once in synchrony.
    redyadhy20has quoted6 years ago
    Two essential factors in understanding your audience are empathy and being an active listener.
    redyadhy20has quoted6 years ago
    That is why nonverbal intelligence is the ultimate requirement for business success.
    redyadhy20has quoted6 years ago
    we’re often talking about nonverbals
    redyadhy20has quoted7 years ago
    The world is constantly communicating nonverbally. Our body movements, our facial expressions, how we speak, how we show our emotions, how we dress, the possessions we favor, our conscious and unconscious behaviors and attitudes—even our environments—are all communicating nonverbally.
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