Lt.Col.Robert Brown,Vann Spencer

I Am Soldier of Fortune

The founder of Soldier of Fortune magazine tells his own story, from Green Beret to trailblazing combat zone journalist.
In 1975, former Green Beret Robert K. Brown found his true calling as the publisher of an upstart magazine called Soldier of Fortune. Brown pushed the bounds of journalism with his untamed brand of reporting—a camera in one hand, a gun in the other. He quickly established a worldwide community as his notorious magazine drew the avid attention of action-seekers across the globe.
Brown and his combat journalists embedded themselves with anti-Communist guerillas and freedom fighters, often training and fighting alongside the groups they reported on. Brown himself accompanied teams to work and fight with the Rhodesians; the Afghans during the Afghan-Russo war; Christian Phalange in Lebanon; ethnic minority Karens in Burma; the ethnic tribes fighting the Communist government of Laos; the army of El Salvador; and the armed forces of struggling Croatia. Brown also sent medical teams to Burma, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Bosnia, El Salvador. and Nicaragua, as well as Peru after a devastating earthquake.
In I Am Soldier of Fortune, the exploits of Brown and his veteran teams are revealed for the first time in all their gonzo glory, even as the US military, public, and polite diplomatic society sometimes shunned their endeavors.
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