Ace M Z

Crazy Talk

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,” says Tolstoy. Jayden suspects the source of their family's unhappiness stems from their Dad. For about ten years, tensions in Jayden's family have been unstable. That all come to blows on June 9th, the summer before Jayden enters high school, when their father is arrested.
Crazy Talk follows Jayden's journey through freshman year, through both Jayden's triumphs and struggles. As the school year progresses, Jayden's life slowly spirals out of control, which results in Jayden asking the fundamental question almost all of us has asked ourselves, “what is the purpose of life”.
While searching for the answer in everyday life, Jayden encounters a boy who dreamed to big, a genius willing to do anything to salvage himself from loneliness, a silent girl crying out for help, and a complicated old man who is just as lost as Jayden is in the madness of life.
This novel is one hell of a ride with its comic illustrations, humorous quips, and insightful narrative. What sets this novel apart from most is that it was written and illustrated by an actual teenager (15yrs).
216 printed pages
Original publication
Ace MZ



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