Young Gods of Kopaz, Dale Groutage
Dale Groutage

Young Gods of Kopaz

376 printed pages
Young Gods of Kopaz is the third book of the Kopaz Series, an action packed love story—an epic saga of good versus evil

Secrets of the Sun, the second book of the Kopaz series, saw Jeannie LoneTree and Danny Roberts transported to the ancient land of Kopaz. Now, as young gods on probation, they have access to more power than they would have imagined for two teens from a rough-and-tumble Wyoming mining camp.

Despite their new standing, Jeannie and Danny remain threatened by the ongoing war between the supreme gods of the universe. Soon after arriving on Kopaz, they find themselves beset by agents of Mochcom, himself a disciple of the dark lord Zuron. Jeannie is imprisoned by the Quorum of High Priests, the Goroms, while Danny falls under a vicious onslaught.

As far as Jeannie knows, her love is dead, but the gods have other plans. Under the tutelage of Quill, emissary of the supreme god Viracocha, Danny struggles to master his powers and exact vengeance on the Goroms.

A battle is about to begin for control of the power governing endless youth. Their journey seems at an end, but the two teens grew up in the rough environment of a Wyoming coal mining community. In comparison, surviving a divine war spanning time and space doesn’t seem so hard—particularly with the exhilarating power of young godhood at their disposal and an  education in the school of hard knocks, forged on the unforgiving streets of CoalVille.

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