Laura Lovecraft

Paid By The Foot

Keri and her girlfriend Sarah are hard working college coeds short on their rent. They have exhausted every possibility to come up with the money and now both will have to move back home and be unable to live together. But then Sarah tells Keri there is another way and asks her to meet her at a local club.
There Sarah introduces Keri to Rick, a well off older gentlemen who is more than willing to help out a pretty pair of coeds. Keri refuses to whore herself, let alone be with a man, but she has nothing to worry about because Rick, also known as Mister Foot, only has interest in one part of them;  their sexy little feet. Sarah names her price and promises a hell of a show and a double foot job the likes of which Rick has never experienced. At first Rick thinks the price is high, but Sarah reminds him there are four sexy feet involved and he is paying by the foot.
46 printed pages
Original publication


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