Shi Evans

Whiskey Road

Whiskey Road chronicles two generations of women who use every faculty at their disposal to carve out meaningful lives in the oppressive south of the Depression era. Lillian Taylor Jackson struggles to rectify her past as a wealthy plantation owner's son's paramour in Virginia when it comes home to roost after the murder of her loving husband Denver at the hands of a notorious hate group. As a single mother of two daughters, Goldie and Rose, she must find a way to navigate the heated political climate, complex racial tensions, and social hierarchy in Aiken, South Carolina, the small town hotbed where rum-running turf wars run like deep waters underneath the wealthy white elite stronghold. As tough as life is, Lillian appears to have everything under control-until Goldie falls for the notorious rum-runner Jake Freeman while fending off the advances of Mayor Zachary Stanton, Jr.-pushing Lillian to confront the past she'd hoped would remain forever buried knowing that doing so could lead to her family's ultimate destruction.
Whiskey Road is a convincing look into the annals of the fight for equality in the old South during the Prohibition era, where people of both races are caught between unwritten social and legal constructs, their conscience, and a world bringing change with the force of a harshly indifferent tornado.
224 printed pages
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