Cecilia Czekanowicz

House of Orbs

Orbs are very fascinating and still a mystery to many people. There have been many books written on the subject however, one question still remains “What do these amazing spheres of light mean?” This is one of the many ways the angels communicate with us, they are here to guide us when we are in need. This book is all about Cecilia's personal encounter with these beautiful angel orbs, her experience, and her understanding of what they mean…she explains the meaning of orbs and why they surround us to guide and protect us as seen in her images. This book is illustrated with many amazing photographs taken by Cecilia and are intended to provide you with a feeling of love, empowerment, hope and spiritual expansion. This book is a must have read for those who wish to understand the why and how around orbs and the reason they surround only certain people. These loving, intelligent orbs have brought great joy, love, and gratitude and turned Cecilia's life completely around.
107 printed pages
Original publication



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