The Gefilte Fish Can’t Swim In the New Islamic Sea: Ali Khamenei Poems, Ali Khamenei
Ali Khamenei

The Gefilte Fish Can’t Swim In the New Islamic Sea: Ali Khamenei Poems

In an expanded ed., Ali Khamenei brings wisdom to the world for the second time in English verse. These fine poems with the spirit of ancient Persia will soon cajole the last infidel into submission because the poor fools suffer too much under the yoke of decadent corruption and hedonism. Animal words of the West carry sorrows into their houses like pets, and when bitten by carriers of plague run naked in the streets with the guns of rudeness. As more of the infidels lie down with their leadership dogs, they will catch the ticks of smirks, and the fleas of the Roman Circus. It is said that in the West, the streets are paved with fools' gold, and the female singers run naked in the streets, having many babies. Sometimes a study of ancient poetry can be a cure for these maladies, and is a pleasant way to spend an evening before one is tempted to indulge in debauchery, and before the readers are inclined to remove the clothes of modesty. It is best to be lost in verse while I establish the World Caliphate.
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