Paul Ghattas

The MindChemist: Quieting the mind

What if one day you woke up and realized that you've been defined so well that you haven't even dared to question who you are?

“… this awareness came from a state of deep quietness. A state beyond thought. A state of no belief. A state of freedom. Freedom to observe what is, as it is.”

Much more than simple principles and clichés, The MindChemist is not only a guide through an awakening but also an intimate memoir and a galvanizing wake-up call. The book takes the reader on an inspiring spiritual journey to find their true self by describing the roller coaster of emotions and “Aha” moments that one young man experienced as he surrendered to a voice within and embarked on his journey of self-exploration.

The MindChemist is aimed at awakening and guiding, as well as activating people to seek their own sovereignty and independence, and discover the truth of themselves by themselves.
“To learn about yourself from somebody else is naive. Why be a second-hand human? Discover for yourself.”
210 printed pages
Original publication
Paul Ghattas



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