Emergencing: A Strategy for Knowing What Others Can Know But Cannot Tell, Macharia Waruingi
Macharia Waruingi

Emergencing: A Strategy for Knowing What Others Can Know But Cannot Tell

263 printed pages
This book is an attempt to explain how we can be effective in our work in global health. I used the emerging grounded theory design to investigate the paradoxical increase in the incidence of disease and poverty that exist at a time when there is increasing investment for fighting the diseases and poverty. I learned that failure to acknowledge tacit knowledge within local communities in developing countries leads to ultimate failure of many global health projects, creating a relevance paradox. We can overcome these problems in global health, and indeed other social problems by developing a skill for emergencing the more that people can know, but cannot tell. Emergencing is a theoretical model of knowledge emergence for effectiveness in our actions. Although the substantive area of study was global health, emergencing as a process of creating, and innovating, applies to all types of settings. Emergencing helps us to go beyond thinking outside the box, to thinking where there is no box.
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