Lance Thollander

Walking the Ephesian Road

Walking the Ephesian Road brings you face to face with the heart of God. Thrill with Charlie, a 21st century believer, on his first visit to Ephesus as he is stirred by the echoed greatness of the city. Have your heart touched as Charlie's heart is with the love of Jesus. The opening chapters carry you along in the great sweep of the Ephesian story as the good news of Jesus arrives amid strong opposition in one of the first century's most magnificent cities. As your imagination is stirred by the drama that unfolds, in the later chapters you will be given a view into the truths that impassioned the heart of Paul and how he might have delivered them in Ephesus.

Ultimately, the author uses the Scriptures as presented in Acts 18 and 19 along with the letter written to the Ephesians in 62 A.D. to shine light on who Jesus is. As you read, you will be drawn into the story of what happened and encouraged by the wonder of what God has done for us in Christ. These ancient truths will bring revelation, encouragement and life to readers at all levels of their Christian experience.
273 printed pages
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