The Eternity of Being a Global Explorer, Danny Teller
Danny Teller

The Eternity of Being a Global Explorer

We present four intriguing and inspiring stories from around the globe.Florida, November 2008; South Africa, May 2009; Europe, August 2009 and China, October 2009.Metaphysically and philosophically speaking all the places offered a great deal in not just the quality of life but most importantly to highlight the educational, architectural and geographical reasons for being in the limelight.Florida was just about blending money and materials into one for the purpose of finding eternal happiness.Cape Town projected a different prospective of a young and prosperous new nation.Greece and Croatia projected a lively and challenging outlook of Eastern Europe with beauty, development and integrity while Beijing was full of oriental vision and an absolute must for anyone.So please sit back and enjoy our realm of world vision in the everlasting kingdom of god.We sincerely hope that our literary and philosophical vision is your time and pleasure.
305 printed pages


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