Daniele Faccio,Francesco D Belgiorno,Sergio L Cacciatori

Hawking Radiation

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<!-- <description> -->The aim of this book is to provide the reader with a guide to Hawking radiation through a dual approach to the problem. After an introductory chapter containing some basic knowledge about black holes and quantum field theory in curved spacetime, the first part of the book consists in a survey of methods for deriving and studying Hawking radiation from astrophysical black holes, from the original calculation by S W Hawking to the most recent contributions involving tunneling and gravitational anomalies. In the second part, we introduce analogue gravity, and we focus our attention to dielectric black hole systems, to which the studies of the present authors are devoted. The mutual interchange of knowledge between the aforementioned parts is addressed to render a more comprehensive picture of this very fascinating quantum phenomenon associated with black holes.
<!-- </description> -->Contents: First Part:A Short Scrapbook on Classical Black HolesThe Seminal PaperThermality of Hawking Radiation: From Hartle-Hawking to Israel and UnruhThe Tunneling ApproachThe Anomaly Route to Hawking RadiationThe Euclidean Section and Hawking TemperatureRigorous Aspects of Hawking RadiationSecond Part:The Roots of Analogue GravityHawking Radiation in a Non-Dispersive Nonlinear Kerr DielectricHawking Radiation in a Dispersive Kerr DielectricHawking Radiation in the LabAppendix:Algebraic Methods in QFT<!-- </contents> -->
<!-- <readership> -->Readership: Graduate students and professionals studying astrophysics and theoretical physics.<!-- </readership> -->
Hawking Radiation;Black Holes;Quantum Field Theory;Analogue Gravity;Dielectric Black Hole Systems00
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